Zenvo ST1 Review, Price, Features

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the Zenvo ST1 supercar Zenvo Automotive made by Denmark. It is to build a supercar that is suitable for everyday use in cars as well as racing value target track. This extraordinary car needs and build a hand that ensures the security mix together supercar driving sensation. All this is excellent Danish design courtesy. His frame will be made of steel and carbon fiber body.

Zenvo ST1 External

car 80.35 inches wide 183.66 inches long, 47.16 inches and has a reach height. Hydraulic lift height will have had time to 4:33 and 6:29 inch inch ground. This will have a 120.27-inch wheel base.


The front fascia menacing It creates a view angular headlights are sharp edges on the hood a good sign. Allow to cool lights are kept in air brake switch channels with large air intakes. Large air intakes in the wing Supercars extraordinary hexagonal grid.

The lines along the side of the door to create muscular side view will be faced with a lot. At the rear, twin exhaust will find under his taillights. rear diffuser occupies a large portion of the back improves its aerodynamics.


Zenovo-ST1- NCI-1

Zenvo ST1 internal

the Zenvo ST1 supercar with domestic premium leather and Alcantara is completed are covered with carbon fiber properties. This means of bringing about such exotic feel.

supercar capacity is only two people. And fully digital instrument panel displays all the important information needed by the driver. It comes with multimedia system with touch screen, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and a hands-free phone functions, such as a series of bruises. coated with carbon-fiber steering wheel looks ordinary, but we’d expect such a super car.

Other features include airbags, power adjustable built for racing bucket seats, keyless ignition, cruise control and 2 include extra security. . Customers will have the option to get a customized internal standard interior is very simple, I find their liking


Motor Features and Performance

under the hood Zenvo ST1 compressors and turbo 6.8 L V-8 engine. This means how much gas there is a sudden reaction to the high or low speed allows. It is important to 6,900rpm these units can produce 1104 hp and 1054 lb-ft of torque 4500 rpm.

The Zenvo ST1 reach around 233 mph and 0-60 mph in just 2.69 seconds to act. Zenvo large force sent to its twin-plate clutch and traction control system or a 7-speed F1 paddle shift gearbox linking up to a 6-speed Ricardo manual transmission system. three engine mode that is wet (normal), there are sports and racing.

It is ideal as a motor vehicle only a day’s journey by car in normal mode 650 hp releases

. A driver can open all the floodgates if he decides to move to get more exciting that produces 850 hp to 1104 hp sports mode or race mode. In sports mode traction control is reduced and completely eliminated in race mode.


Price and release date

The Zenvo ST1 does not come cheap. In fact, automakers are building only 15 units. Automotive Zenovo not set an official price, but according to our sources, including plug-ins that will set tied back $ 660,000 or approximately 1.8 $.

 the Zenvo ST1-NC-of-6

competition: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lycan : his rivalry with supercars famous manufacturers

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