Wood Stone Veneers From You Too Bentley Interior Upgrades

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Bentley Mulliner-blue-stone-Coating

Bentley Motors’ bespoke anything-you-want-we-will-do-si coach-building division, Mulliner, modern British offers to automotive luxury to the next level -. use the stone covering the inner surface condition -Of- the-art stone coating technology, 200 million years ago formed along a natural product of luxury, making modern features.

the slate and quartzite stone originates from sustainable hand-selected ocak Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, India -. stone separated by a nation’s stone portions are large pieces with an old and rich culture of labor and fiberglass and is treated using a custom-made resin

Finally, they are. form and palms occupants to be visible stone grain and pattern izin Crewe, England . veneer of stone surfaces, light and semi-finished by Bentley Mulliner coachbuilding team at the company’s headquarters and transparent.

 Bentley Mulliner-stone-Red-Coating

Geoff Dowding, Mulliner Operations, Director of comments: “Bentley established expert handcrafting wood and leather, and now to offer more bespoke tailoring and choice to our customers, we are exploring new fine and rare materials. Pavement, which is another first for Bentley -. But we have this luxury and do it with a unique material plan what is only the beginning of “

Mulliner now four, offering natural stone pavement coating Galaxy, Autumn White, Terra Red, and Copper: Continental and Flying Spur different colors. as with any bespoke feature stone Veneers interested customers will work with each individual to discuss the unique needs Mulliner contact with the bespoke team.

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