Why Tesla Model S P100D fastest car ever produced? Yes, it is!

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Fun mode 2.5 seconds when the vehicle help to make sacred

I do not believe I am fully electric cars may be the world’s fastest one. but! I was 2.5 seconds 0-60 mph sprint time thing? S P100D models are driven in their ridiculous mode. You can say there is such Laferrari Ferrari and Porsche car 918 Spyder, but before – this is not a mass-produced vehicle, the second – its price, at least a million. In short, many of them from Tesla 2.5 seconds, which is actually produced the first encounter the fact that the global automotive achieved.

The other side (to make it more angry, because I am my Tesla: Tesla has, in fact, I probably cabin at this writing) will be, there is an important distinction. And the first two two-seater super car, (and the whole space) very little trunk space is there and can not buy new, S-type P100D AWD has four doors, can accommodate five adults and two children, at the same time It may be a lot of cargo is huge.

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Please note that Tesla Motors in the EPA cycle, 315 mph 613 km, to specify in the EU cycle “remote date of manufacture of electric vehicles.” This power increase is 100 kwh battery vehicles. Elon Musk, is 2.9 seconds, 289 mph EPA and the EU is the world’s fastest SUV to travel on a single charge of 542 kilometers acceleration time, the same battery characteristics of the popular X-type SUV.

S-type and X-type also scored the highest rating NHTSA. Both have access to free Tesla Supercharger network of long-distance travel freedom. In addition, we committed to improving the Tesla upgrade free broadcast time

However, there is a drawback of these tools. They seem to be quite expensive. I ordered a P90D ridiculous, but the selection of those customers, you can increase $ 10,000 100 kwh pack. Unfortunately, you have to recover its use 90 kwh package, P90D is ridiculous at the same time, but you can upgrade to $ 20,000. However, Tesla Model 3 Every little help pay sales would be more appropriate.

S type P100D ridiculous mode features:

  • range of 315 miles (EPA estimate) / 613 kilometers (NEDC estimate)
  • 0- 60 miles 2.5 seconds
  • 0-100 acceleration km / h in 2.7 seconds.
  • Price: Starts $ 134.500
  • and ridiculous mode function

X Type P100D:

  • Range: 289 miles (EPA estimate) / 542 kilometers (NEDC estimate) of 2.9 seconds.
  • 0-60 mph acceleration
  • 3.1 seconds. <

  • 0-100 km / h acceleration LI> Price: $ 135.500

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