What You Need to Know About the New Mercedes E-Class

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Mercedes Detroit recent North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), the all-new E-Class has entered Sedan week. this so in Stuttgart do you know about the fifth-generation wunderkind is based giant hopes. primer describes as the German carmaker “sophisticated confidently stylish and sporty” and . American prepared for the target market hype or There are also marketing hysteria, let “the storm, taking the world a look at the evidence.”

inside, you can spec two “new generation” sitting behind the 12.3-inch steering wheel images, and other E-Class in the middle of the dashboard. A long screen that looks like a shared glass is designed to give the impression of floating. There are a number of built Swipes steering gesture functionality with touch controls by enabling you to access certain controls

We expect to see the shift lever and iDrive-style touchpad controllers have -. Sat nav text recognition makes programming much easier. And the LINGUATRONIC Mercedes’ voice control system.

Inside he used open porous wood and metal you can get S-Class looks as close as possible, 4th generation ever did way better than it looks cabin with leather-covered door panels give a very luxurious look. door handle recesses, door pockets, feet and has 64 LED bulbs, even if hidden in the overhead console to provide extremely high quality air.

 Mercedes-E-Class-CH-Cream -Inland

the optional rear seats in mind not to go up this car is still practical, some parents with how divided the show folded 40:20:40 designed. something family-friendly built-in storage compartment and at the rear is pop-out cup holders. offered as standard as a resonance chamber for bass Frontbass system cross member and side member uses the space with center armrest, a better sound system to provide 3D.

the new E-Class, chassis 65 mm longer wheelbase with distance but the car’s length only thus creating more rear legroom for residents, increased by 43 mm, slightly larger than the back. his tail lamps, the new C-Class and S-Class is similar in design to those that the family Mercedes sedan giving a strong identity as a part of.

the front wings, bonnet, tailgate and other important parts of the front and back are made of aluminum, the game is the name of weight savings. grille and lower bumper sections of the optional close as possible AIRPANEL sophisticated shutters 0.23 drag coefficient of cd add this value yourself and have highly efficient midsize luxury motorway mile muncher.


the entry-level engine in the United Kingdom E 220d, a more-than-sufficient in producing 195 bhp and 400 Nm will be a 2.0-liter diesel unit. Despite the £ 20 annual tax that made only 102 g CO2 / km on foot, it will claim 72.4 mpg. E 350d, 62-mile (5.9 s) the fastest. 258 bhp and 620 Nm still claim a 55.4 mpg 3.0-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine manages to achieve is made possible thanks to. Currently, the only gasoline engines planned in the UK E 200 turbo.

Another 2.0-liter unit, this time there are 184 bhp and 300 Nm. Never cheap to run petrols, but claimed 47.9 mpg figure puts it in line with the old diesel engine. 279 bhp and 600 Nm 2.0-liter will produce a plug-in hybrid – Finally, there is the E 350 e. He, too, is cheap to run. When you insert the opportunity arises, you can claim up to 134.5 mpg. emitting just 49 g / km of CO2 is a major achievement for the mini-limousine, and of course tax free!

artists All motors have built the interior to maximize fuel an ECO stop-start function

economy and (OM 654 coded) E 220 d found a new 4-cylinder 2.0-liter diesel R (real driving emissions) by approaching the limits in mind configured. Mercedes’ super slick 9G-tronic automatic transmission specced as standard on all models


400 4MATIC is not E are planned at the moment in England, but there are more engines we lower power of 150 bhp diesel, with 183-245 bhp and even a 6-cylinder 333 hp output ranging between gasoline, including a variety of gasoline, vision may be waiting.

Steel suspension is standard, but we do not want it. We request I want to depend on the weather BODY CONTROL. suspension technology (boot fully loaded example) all-round self-leveling capabilities, features multi-chambered air suspension features. at the same time at high speeds can reduce itself to fuel the economy in favor of or driver, you can request upgrades for better ground. DYNAMIC familiar HSE Comfort, ECO, Sport and Sport + modes and individual, the new feat.

Mercedes has a clear goal in sight with this new E-Class. Autonomy. There are a wide range of available driver assistance package. As standard, the brake assist during emergency braking Brake Assist, which will provide you just the right amount of drive active. You can even automatically brake the drive should not react. ATTENTION ASSIST driver in case we see another system keeps tabs before he or she becomes sleepy and less alert. Help crosswind makes as much tin as well.

 Mercedes-E-Class-CH - Tan-internal

the optional driver assistance adds the threshold at high speed, including Active Brake is an advanced version assist. It also takes into account the traffic gates at intersections. at the same time before the brake reason, although it is not guaranteed to keep an accident every open can predict traffic jams. in this system, the maximum 62 mph speed has been built to prevent accidents of course one time. drive a sharp steering movement performs, Evasive steering wheel just for that extra piece of mind, keep the car clean lines and later Assistant to facilitate correction-ups.

the issue of Open accident, pRE-SAFE® dürtü side of the front seats’ side prevents the car just empowers you to move a little further away from the occupants is inflated. PRE-SAFE® sound foresees accident and will prepare a brief attempt to signal a natural reflex triggered by the ears of passengers emits.

More advanced systems include optional DRIVE PILOT. at speeds up to 130 mph with the car’s ability to follow. Pilot Steering 81 miles up the work, and not fret! conditions need not be perfect. There are cases of road users and the parallel system of marking objects for you there is no way ambiguous or consider other. Car-to-X communication and “over obstacles” to “see around corners” is a mobile phone-supported way.

Speed ​​Limit Pilot Autonomous Agents rate will be adapted into a sat nav camera detects speed limit signs and based on pre-programmed. Active Lange-Change Assistant is a camera and radar-based system, you will change lanes to overtake when the time comes. The only thing you need to do is sign at least 2 seconds.

We are already in the BMW 7 Series, the parking assistant, now I’ve seen the best time to jump on the bandwagon E-Class. A mobile application will work just the same with this all-new Mercedes. Even as a switch you can use NFC-enabled phone! Inside, multi-functional telephone system and an NFC connection is made Qi wireless charging dock.

E-Series next car to get the all-LED headlights. Caner ENVY 84 individually controlled LED high-definition dazzling oncoming traffic corners is made to automatically adapt LED illuminator and avoid.

E-Class on sale this year, prices are confirmed to be the next generation not to have, but Mercedes, we expect to mark at least entry-level models by price began 36k around £ 1,000 £ in the range of

UPDATE :. the new E-Class will cost from £ 35 935 entry-level D 220 d S UK ornament. E 350 d AMG range will top £ 46 610 goods in Line mode

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