VW UP Update Gets the Turbo Charged

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gave Volkswagen UP ! A design UP! all in the eyes of a little mind from the date the new, but in reality there is a mid-cycle refresh. Car manufacturers such an effort engineer updates on all models routinely to make sure you never lose the interest of consumers.

The differences are often neglected as many as automotive refreshes. Right these updates … maybe even raise both eyebrows may raise an eyebrow if done.

updates a new set of headlights and rear lights, a larger color palette and see embarked on a new front and rear bumper design.

Maybe you will not see big changes in 1.0-liter, three-cylinder, turbocharged engine is input.


VW I did PR machine saying their new interest in the hills best mechanical motor “really dynamic” performance will usher in a new era.

Remove some by “spiel” and what 88bhp and torque 160N. This rather spoiled punchy performance translation. Top speed of 0-62mph time? not important.

UP! target city folks, but we never really work, and you see a lot of these so-called City city cars on the roads.

The reduction of engine capacity tough EU emissions regulations are forcing carmakers. . Adding all ironic twist turbo on this issue is actually cleaner and more efficient


Volkswagen UP claim! It is good for 64mpg … yeah right. UP is a similar type car drive! economic figures are more likely to fall into the range of 42mpg.

naturally aspirated will be up 1-0 as e-liter petrols will still be available. Face lift as well as automatic air-con, smartphone integration and even corner function is a chance for VW to introduce optional extras such as fog lights.

Perhaps the addition of a special edition model to overcome the most insignificant nation. Which is basically the addition of a 300w speaker system … all important boot logo with Dr Dre Beats.

VW UP to explain! Dated UP! At the Geneva auto show in March, prices are not expected to be significantly different

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