Volvo V90 Estate at Pre-Debut Leaked

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was already in the public domain before its official residence to the same fate with a new look Volvo V90 hall reveals. Form is inevitable sky will not fall on our head will follow up function. And a disgruntled employee of a Volvo at the Geneva Motor Show in March, hoping to see out what the public seems to want the world to see the official Volvo.

For the V70 and V90 will replace the many ways Swedish marque to complement the new styling direction. . Design language XC90 flows and the interior is also significantly following the XC90 criteria of quality because it is more upscale


the line will consist of diesel engines and four-cylinder and into T8 plug-in hybrid powertrain line-up expect shoe-horned turbocharged petrol unit.

This is a well-known 394bhp petrol engine and an electric power output and Volvo claimed combined economy of 134mpg and 49g / km of CO2 emissions.


Volvo fast compact adopt new generation in a market that by saloon and estate car offers / midsize SUV

Volvo also the BMW 5 Series and the new generation Mercedes E Class.

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