Volvo V40 gets Trim and Design Treatments

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Volvo-V40-2017-Update-Front copy

Volvo UK V40 and V40 Cross Country is considering selling model in their most, need a little attention and few ornaments in the range of updates, I spent some quality time giving it.

the exterior updates new XC90, S90 and new LED reflects Volvo’s unified design language with V90 ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlights model year centers.

it’s all-LED lights for the British bookmaker V40 and V40 Cross Country signs.

 Volvo-V40-2017-Update-Front View

also updated new features grilled cage and Volvo’s Iron Mark” design.

the external update V40 and V40 Cross Country annex includes models of eight new wheels in general.

Five borrowed from the new colors such as Volvo models of other ranges Amazon Blue and Denim Blue, as well as the explosion Blue, mussels as Blue Light Sand is added to the V40 range.


Volvo reduced CO 2 emissions only all their D2 manual drivetrain / km, 89 g level and wheel trim options.

V40 with the most stylish sports-inspired R-Design option now and rugged Cross Country, it includes versions of Momentum and inscriptions.

The number of new internal panel strips called City Weaving added new upholstery and will also be presented. They milled aluminum, are Grilled Black Stealth Aluminum and Aluminum.


the new back plate R-added for Design and trim the inscription level and presented to a key sales has been updated with the new Volvo logo.

over a wide range of Volvo on car features remote access and control provides Calls smartphone app, new

on Call Volvo already worn connection (Apple Product / Android Wear) offers. has received a major update, and Microsoft Band 2 connections that enable the volume control Prices are expected to remain unchanged

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