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not their driver, but the car is autonomous driving technology will be able chore representative in long-distance travel. already here today, fully developed. such advanced technology government legislation to bypass the obstruction. no government extensive testing has such events resulted in even if you want self-driving car crash.

Volvo, Leeds, London .. to take to say the responsibility of driving consumer 195-mile near 3 hour trip you want. I want to place this responsibility on square shoulders Volvo autonomous driving technology.


Volvo experience a rag-tag, we do not want that tin-top Dacia inspiration flim-flam face of consumers. Volvo Concept 26 on all inner experience and a preview of Volvo’s future autonomous driving environment, and we love it.

Fiat 124 Spider a note

Concept 26 was chosen Volvo, then stop-start sitting in traffic probably could have spent doing something more meaningful thing – to reflect work 26 minutes to commute daily average. as an eBook reading or eating breakfast.


the concept intends to bring 26 Volvo ” freedom of choice and drive back, they or “If you want to choose something else driving the car when you want to enjoy the driving experience representative.

Concept 26 is based around an all-new, patented seat design

The active three modes to one conversion stage driver crib: Creating or Relax, drive

Concept 26, the steering is taken at this point driver activates the manual seat stretches and a large screen. Remove the driver in the car as they allow boards to enjoy the time spent


” We challenges and autonomous cars to bring people in the coming years, engineering and design went to great lengths to understand the opportunity to be our flexible approach, our new Scalable Product enabled by the architecture, we come to reality means easily can bring this concept, “.

looks really cool misses robotic accent really the point I mean, interior refinement and design the next frontier, a new selling point for consumers. and concepts will be 26, however, is that it

no, maybe not? will go to a self-driving car, but you can make good interior visualization elements.

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