Volkswagen Golf GT Sport Concept Review

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futuristic Volkswagen design is known to excel when it comes to producing. this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, another concept, the Volkswagen Golf GT Sport concept is a free car maker said.

However, the new hybrid cover production may fail to do so and only serve to measure motor attention.


Volkswagen Golf GT Sport Concept exterior

you did not go overboard with the exterior styling of the car Volkswagen Golf GT Sport Concept ;. for inspiration instead used current Golf models but add a creative twist

the body uses approximately £ 3,000 weight a fete adopted carbon fiber car might have, but did not reveal any less real weight of the Volkswagen vehicle. Utilities, 162.48 inches long, 73.58 inches wide by 48.62 inches tall and stretches and stands 98.62 inches from axle with. At the front, the car hood was moved near the blue line grid. The new grille features 3-bars, a carbon-fiber front splitter and the honeycomb vents.


means C shape points modified narrow LED headlamps and comes with LED daytime running lights. Rear carbon fiber, the middle of a redesigned bumper and new rear diffuser exhaust pipes are made of a nice roof spoiler. Other features include low part of the door mirror covers, window surrounds, side sills, flared rear fenders and includes a C-pillar. 2 doors open butterfly style.

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Volkswagen Golf GT sport Concept interior

cabin was built based on a true sports car design

. cabin 5-point harness only two seats. interior features features in most of its features such as seat belts and pulls door carbon fiber and finish microfiber. There

the drive on the right side of its modes of operation, DSG gearbox include direct controls. futuristic steering wheel and a charged fire extinguisher. There are three indicator displays designed to further behind. three images first and the one in the middle three drives and electric boost channeling the power display shows the gears and power status range and speed.

Volkswagen Golf-GTA-concept-NC-3

Engine Specs and Performance

VW Golf GT Sport under the concept of the hood Polo R WRC to borrow 1.6 L TSI upgraded version of the engine and the charge is scheduled for batteries of the electric motor. It produces 299 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired to a 6-speed DSG transmission system. The unit is paired to two electric motors at the front the other one back

. Rear one that produces a similar horse power, but with 199 lb-ft of torque.

While the total output power varies depending on the drive mode front-engined 114 hp and 243 b-ft of torque. TSI engine with 395 hp and torque combines 2 motor to produce 494 lb-ft is produced where the full power of the GT mode. In this mode, the GT accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 174 mph. In this mode, the vehicle has AWD via electrical transmission shaft.

31 miles before recharging vehicle car drivers in the E-Mode uses a lithium-ion battery. When the batteries are depleted TSI engine automatically re-engage the E-Mode to charge up the battery enough to return.

Last Hybrid Mode which returns the vehicle when the battery is dead and two mode battery charging and keep quiet seaside uses regenerative braking for later use battery chargers and battery charger that keeps the battery has. In this mode, the car accelerates from 0-60 mph in 7.6 seconds.

The fuel consumption of 2l / 100km (117 mpg) according to the manufacturer must pass.

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Price and Release date

the Volkswagen Golf GT Sport concept Wörthersee Tour has announced for the first time, but a great performance in 2015 was held at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Price not yet known a concept car, but the assumption this range Tesla Model 3 ($ 35,000) or the Cadillac ELR (MSRP $ 58.495). would be since the

Volkswagen Golf-GTA-concept-NC-5


is set to release the first brand cars like BMW chose the BMW I3 there are reports in the market. Tesla Motors has a long way to producing the Tesla Model III. When he began to reach at least the production GT sports will find a market so competitive.

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