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2016 Mercedes Vision Maybach 6 Concept:. Is it the luxury car Future However his time spread, the summary of the Maybach luxury brand trucks. However, after lying idle and brand fell 70, Mercedes and Rolls-Royce as a way to compete with Bentley revived in the early 2000s is expected the brand, then S-Class has taken the ultra-luxury models are not as successful.

However, the car seems to be ready to position the brand for the ultimate luxury models, the new 2016 is that it is something to go 6 Mercedes Maybach concept opinion. “6” refers to understand the almost 6 meters long. the concept is the ultimate luxury model Mercedes future Featuring a 2-door coupe. will be surprised to learn that the model is not completely autonomous. drive, resulting pleasure will continue for a long time to come analog equipment in a sense, be sustainable conduct. car is completely electric.


2016 Mercedes Maybach 6 Vision Concept exterior

Cut a long tail reaches 18.5 meters hood itself roof almost as long. A grid on the command “Maybach” has only properties that share the current models of Mercedes-Benz in advance, there is a Mercedes badge on the hood of the car.

the chrome grille, a large waterfall elements with a feature of the model as seen in the late 1930s car grille inspired sign striped suit. a first for a Mercedes grille surrounded by a thin peeled LED lights. There is also a large two big chrome finish jacks air under the front grille and splitter. to the edge of the pad, there are two small dining in the concept.


The party, so much so that the first models Maybach doors design features gullwing doors in the concept of body color, transparent shields 24 inches. wheels to take a number. thin cameras replace traditional side mirrors a feature that allows the development of aerodynamic models. thin, secondly, roof coupe sits low giving a stylish look.

the rear has almost V-shaped fascia. Car LED expand taillights all in the texture characteristics. a center of the Mercedes emblem in the right roof. Thereby vane divides a rear window long derivatives 1930 models of two parts.


2016 Mercedes Maybach 6 Vision Concept Interior

Vision 6 cab models follow other concepts footprints Mercedes “We have seen in the futuristic cockpit. state-of-the-art cabin near future should include production models are futuristic technology. This luxurious Maybach and go with the comfort level compared to the badge.

width 2016-Mercedes-Benz-vision_maybach_6_concept-NC-11

The first thing that an announcement comfortable to look at the big front seats of the vehicle with generous leg door panels the cabin, the lines and the same windscreen included. screen and a range of features touch. clipboard very attractive. the door panels have a wallpaper laced run in. behind the steering dashboard wheel has two digital displays. Central line section flows into the door panels and a blue light formed in the upper part of the image blend screen is capable

before the window displays important information from vehicle …. also displayed a navigation map defined by gestures of central tunnel information and the steering column is also transparent, a float showing the energy flow of the central tunnel means a design.

width 2016-Mercedes-Benz-vision_maybach_6_concept-NC-12

The vehicle also comes with autonomous driving feature expected many new seating concepts are covered with high quality materials. A Chesterfield finishing with an emphasis in rose gold. It is located on an authentic edge veneer and the door panels. flooring (wood pores open palestine) elm done. Luggage space has been designed to put two suitcases customized to suit specific vehicles.

width 2016-Mercedes-Benz-vision_maybach_6_concept-NCI-13

characteristics of engine and performance

not released details on the engine will power Mercedes Concept However, the drive train of the automobile revealed all electricity would be. Cars also stop the drive train in less than 4 seconds will power the car to 60 mph in 737 horses also revealed he pumped. its top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph . Model 200 miles covered so will be able to electric cooker, flat war Tesla Model S will take.

batteries with rapid charging function of the terms of the automobile “visionary” to load. radius function only another 5 minutes 62-mile include a tax charge capacity 350 kW provides the basket. vehicle wiring or can be charged via an electromagnetic field.

width 2016-Mercedes-Benz-vision_maybach_6_concept-NCI-10

Price and release date

The concept finally open contest Elegance at Pebble Beach during the festivities. a concept, expect it not come cheap, but if it does it for production in any price promise.

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