Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is based on the unique project with other powerful

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Bulgaria-based tuning studio Facebook a powerful teaser campaign, the most recent project of setting up the ultimate inner vilner Studio no longer a mystery after the Almighty Maker

created the ultimate interior. A little weird, because all the tuner Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-Indians, but also the most powerful of a car for some “very special”, but only because he says. In this project there were three letters. However, this (Street &racing technology) SRT, but not the British Army SAS (special branch) special air service

this variable is the best one for the implementation of the idea that the designer probably. Torque 470 HP and 630 Nm of torque V8 engine and is driven by 6417cc. So,

seat embroidered see also: Jaguar XJ by Vilner single malt: – they stay on such a seat from the elements lining; Dashboard, carbon fiber trim, and plastic surfaces there

deep inner


everything was revised. SRT solar Aperture, on the glass ceiling and the luggage blind is embroidered with the letters modified. In the meantime repeated in other places in the cabin, materials and color, which is black Alcantara and red fabric high quality thin fabric. This color combination is SAS.

the columns, red Alcantara bathroom “is an important part of the door panel. The central tunnel, Alcantara black & red was covered with a combination of. Instead of a belt, are wrapped in Alcantara with red ribbons and plastic cases also, while Vilner grey contrast seams added where needed. The basic parts of the chair

in a nutshell, SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT by Vilner and brutal Power Technology, combining an elegant and unique approach to the studio. Meanwhile, I love the SAS motto: “gaining value”. That this is possible and this project

in vilner’s garage, including business … what if you want to stay up to date on the official Facebook page and tune in the vicinity of the special news!

Vilner Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-interior - pic-two

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