Veni, Vidi, Vici Ferrari Say for manual transmissions

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Ferrari made with manual transmission, I, they mean a total disaster to disaster. Ferrari future product roadmap. There are very large powerful engines.

Ferrari told outlined their future strategic direction last week in Frankfurt Motorshow time. smaller capacity engines and more manual gearbox most.

Ferrari Volkswagen Ferrari have a real desire to comply with these regulations to the contrary. rumored 488 sit under the brand new ‘more affordable Ferrari’s that, ever react to the more stringent emission regulations.

Ferrari turbo most likely be charged a small displacement engine, a V6 car probably named Dino, the possible introduction of faith.

The turbo engine is increased to get the paradox that any significant power and reduced emissions. It sounds good to us.

Ferrari’s desire to shift away from manual gearbox partially published during the last couple of their shit and customer demand down to the second preferred speed.

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