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Vauxhall GT Concept-Front copy

Vauxhall GT Concept 1960 previous style exercises was designed by inspiring future sports car, a shamanic vision Photo GT Concept Mark Adams. 20th century to now, and we sit him a British teenager. GT concept front-engined, we are proud to say that well-made rear-wheel drive chassis. and is supported by a … we do not know.

the concept really at the same time did not allow for an edge to car designers and a chance to prevent hair down to his knees, the department learned years accounts are designed to generate publicity scanning and begging for more money.

 Vauxhall GT Concept-View

GT Concept takes its inspiration 1966 GTA Concept . at the same time in 1966 Vauxhall XVR and the 1965 Opel Experimental GT remember the latter being European “baby Corvette” as we know it.

Mark Adams, Vauxhall Vice President, Design Europe, he said. both Vauxhall and Opel brands brave, created the GT Concept to capture the emotional mood . We have a great tradition for us, we will continue, full of dramatic sculptures and innovation. XVI and Experimental GT – – “dynamic sculptural form with a thoroughly modern, both in the mid-sixties, Vauxhall and Opel lightweight sports cars created their own interpretations.


Vauxhall past stuck a key innovation not as smooth as glass in the GT Concept is painted surface It shows a transition that the large door with integrated side windows. After pressing the touchpad driver and a signature red roof line integrated electric doors inside the passenger gain access to Bothe.

Using open doors into the front belts, space-saving and patented gives a large opening angle mounting for tight parking spaces in urban areas. Two cameras, especially during urban driving, needed no mirrors offer improved visibility of the wheel arches mounted at the rear.

Vauxhall GT Concept-Front-View

Opening the concept of perceived rather than all-aluminum 1.0 to liter, three-cylinder turbo engine, ADAM, Corsa and Astra. a six-speed run to the Tuned steering wheel mounted on the gear system with sequential gearbox, 145psi and 205nm Compounds described maximum torque of the engine is to improve the delivery driver to the rear wheels.

weighing under 1000kgs GT concept 134mph 0-62mph accelerates from at least eight seconds and on to a maximum speed.

the concept? No, never. But you can see will be built one or two such rear tail lights, headlights, even as a future Astra GTC Coupe front grille design, construction design elements on it. But do not let that fool on the General Motors Vauxhall overlords. GM always keep tightly closed bag

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