Unbelievable! The first picture shows a Lexus sport animals before!

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 2016 Lexus sports car LC 500 based on the Lexus LC-500 model showed only the best looking and most powerful race car. stunning looks bold widened fenders, massive skirts, a large rear spoiler and diffuser. Mix them all just fine proportions.

The other noticeable feature is only 1,020kg weight and powerful 2.0-liter direct-injection system is a sequential six-speed transmission is mated to a four-cylinder turbo engine. There are sweet and lightweight aerodynamic package.

 2016 Lexus sports car LC 500

Even though I do not know what the car is a real racing skills. Test course, planned for next month, and that a few nice speed once agile cornering what you can expect and Lexus’ exclusive street Confidence

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In fact, we like the LC 500 Standard Model. As usual, Lexus advanced features that make them very attractive for the car there all brands fans, has become compatible with the system and add tons. Therefore, we will be good and talented sporty version, welcome. However, the trend of sports car manufacturer versions of standard models should be to create a kind. I’m not a trend or fashion with the Lexus, but also new cars in the world Horizonte is not a step forward, it will be just there.


But you tell me how to see faith means that its fun ride too? Make a note of the comment section below.

LC-500 will be launched, but the good news is that you have more information soon 2017th So stay with us

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