UK Spec Kia Sportage priced And Good To Go

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Kia Sportage - 2016-Front-Red

Kia Sportage has a problem, he called Nissan Quashqa and the problem is a numbers game going. it sells Quashqa Sportage therefore statistically now 2016 the was redesigned Quashqa more popular, but Sportage s definitely a better sounding name? better and about 23k units per year. the selling annually 60k units in the UK the differences are at first thin but large enough to allow changes Quashqa the Sportage to catch juggernaut there will be.

, Sportage has a familiar design now offering sharper style accent shades language of birth.

upright ‘tiger-nose’ grille, give a lot to get their eyes headlights and low-mounted cluster LED lights back around.

, LED tail lights and more docile design features a pair of deep wrinkles.

All models have alloy wheels, air conditioning, DAB digital radio and it is equipped with Bluetooth. These cameras and sensors, automatic lights and wipers and dual zone air con, on the contrary, the 7-inch touch screen which car has won 2 degrees.

To my knowledge, a 130 bhp 1.6-liter such as petrol and 134 bhp and 182 outputs with two 2.0-liter diesel engines available. If you are looking for the economy, a 1.7-liter diesel offers 114 bhp and 280 Nm of 61.4 mpg and 119 g figures claim / km of CO2.

But the best performing engine 1.6-liter turbocharged that of gasoline. 174 bhp and a 7-speed dual-clutch auto ‘box with 8.8 second 0-62 mph time of 265 Nm results, but the 6-speed manual to indicate this and range of’ll get the worst runnings costs – 37.2 mpg and 177 g / km of CO2.

The wheel of the all-wheel models are typically the front wheels for fuel economy Thanks to provide the power. If necessary, up to 40% power can be delivered to the rear wheels.

this is not where it stops at the new Sportage practicality though.

491 liters of luggage Renault Kadji and Nissan Qashqai and features more storage offers a lower lip height of the heavy elements of the previous generation to facilitate the installation.

Kia Sportage went on sale in the UK on February 5, 18 variants 4 based engines, gear boxes 3 and 6 crop lines are available.

Pricing entry-level 1.6 GDI six-speed manual and 2.0 c £ 27k rising to 1 was (134bhp) £ 18k to start. choice of six-speed automatic GT-Line before addin

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