Toyota RAV4 and Lexus Recall

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In a sad Turn of Events, Toyota calls for two Models for the Third time in 5 Years, because of the same problem. The two Models, the Toyota and Lexus vehicles have been the Subject of two former co-religionists. The first Recall was done in 2012 and the second in 2013. The Recall includes the Lexus HS250h and Toyota RAV4s.

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What is the problem?

In 2013, Toyota has recalled these Models to correct a Problem that has affected the suspension system. The Adjustment Nuts of the rear Wheel-Orientation were not tightened properly, if the Vehicles were taken for Maintenance. This allows Rust to build, on the Arm of the threads of the Vehicles involved. When this is the Case, the Wires, Over Time, of death, of the arm to separate, which is a Loss of Control of the Vehicle. Toyota solved, when the first and second recalls.

But, more Reports and Warranty Owner has forced the car Manufacturer to check the problem. In its last review, Toyota has found that the problem could re-occur if the Screws are properly tightened during Maintenance. The Automaker is immediately observed that the Technician could not discover and correct the problem, during the Interview.

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What Vehicles are affected?

Toyota has revealed that there are nearly 337,000 Models of 2010 Lexus HS250h and 2006-2011 Toyota RAV4 vehicles are involved. The Automaker has not the Disclosure of the actual figures for each of the Models. Toyota has shown, however, that these Patterns

Toyota has shown, however, that these Models have been the Subject of another recall, in September 2013, for the same Problem. However, the first Recall on the Problem actually started in July 2012.


in September 2012, if the NHTSA has completed their Investigation on the Question, nine Crashes have revealed the 3 Injuries have been reported. In addition, there were 131 Complaints of Owners and 339 Warranty according to the NHTSA.

What is the Workaround for this problem?

In the first recall, Toyota said that the problem could lead to a Failure of the rear tie ROD causes the Driver to lose Control of the Vehicle. This increases the Risk of a Crash. Toyota would go ahead, in order to correct the problem by using the Arms and replace those that have been found to be defective.

Toyota applied in the Labels of Precaution, Inform a service Technician, and not Wrongly, tighten the Screws. In the second recall in 2013, Toyota new Vehicles to Distributors, which, under the action of a Recall, if the dealer applied the first Solution correctly.

In the current Recall, Toyota replaced the two rear arms Assemblies free of charge. Next to the automotive industry, the Application of an epoxy to avoid in the Future of arm Adjustment when Vehicles are in for Maintenance.

What should I do if I have affected your Car?

Write this, Toyota had not announced, the Process, the Owners of the affected Vehicles are expected to Follow. But the Company said it is aware of all of the Owners affected by E-mail, how it goes. For Clarity, the Owners concerned may, in Conjunction with Toyota for more Information about the Recall.

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