This will replace the Super Drone daily commute?

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No, of course, to the point would you be sorry powerful we reporting first principle should be that, because it’s not a great way to start an article. This B2C vertical to drag out the story as possible for nails. Because we will point to a lack of imagination. These super unmanned Consumer Electronic Show emerged last week, the most popular technology known as CES show.

184 Personal Flying Drone EHANG developed a Chinese maker has created about $ 500 dollars to $ 5,000 dollars as consumer goods and aircraft for pro-grade models. It seems China is becoming unmanned technology specialists and looks grew by 184 grown literally their ambitions …

You get great life as a drone to 184 Personal Flying Drone on the micro vehicle size. Only seats and can carry a maximum load of 260 pounds. But this is only the flying time is equal to about 23 minutes with a 10 mile range.

Fortunately, only a working prototype, a media buzz to EHANG is to create a bit of a publicity stunt. PFD 184 has been fully only through smartphones means controls the desired target fist and he will end automatically.

minimal physical controls to pause, take off, fly and land is was true. During your trip with air-con, WiFi and 4G will be a little storage room. Despite our claims EHANG a publicity stunt that does not have a more serious purpose for 184.

EHANG basic low-altitude flight tests will be undertaken in the next few months. 184 hizmet 11,000 feet altitude and has a speed of 60mph. EHANG up to avoid a crash in case of an emergency 184 system says that a series.

Let’s see how we think and stick a new generation of small toy airplane flying 11,000 feet, well 184 is the most secure system fails. And another problem is the cost, if any production is estimated to exceed 184 dollars EHANG would cost about $ 250.

Yes it is … Jeepers dollars. Check out the video below.

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