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about his unofficial worst kept secret works Mercedes I did not want to know, but at least now able to see without informal speculative interweb. new E Series has spread like yesterday late in the footage leaked and the interweb forest fire. We have revealed internal Mercedes already what you already know, because it looks like the image.

Now finally …. OK-ish kind of like us …. And if it looks a bit soft, I know the new E-Class will look like. DCB Towers here we only briefly the previous generation E Class being, W212 and looked at how current it is accustomed to, only the AMG body styling and looked good with low profile alloys.

Displays the next generation Automatic Press, it seems that the Germans had a lead editor on the website, but Mercedes twisted the knife in the back because you will not find any related article. But the damage has already been done. Many new E-Class new C-Class to design share and S Class


Interweb forums such as citing some new design language that has become a complicated” Russian Doll “We would prefer to use the term Mercedes designers, although we are confident homogeneous. We think the Mercedes at W213 look retro 90 in favor of the W212 retro 80 eye ditch.

the new E-Class to begin in early 2017 time. current supply longer and more means that a little wide, so S-Class supports the same platform sharing plug-in hybrids, as well as 4-cylinder and will wait to see six tune different states cylinder engines.

in fact, it is available on many more engine line, but turbo power to compensate for differences in the current trend for auto manufacturers to produce powerplants that small capacity engines. Still with a renowned increase in power up to 610bhp from a twin-turbo V8 AMG version, however, you can expect to see.


all the digital board, but but the introduction of semi-autonomous driving technology will be the highlight of technology wise. new system, but sensors with serious computing power and radar cars to ensure effective fully automatic steer, it works like a small cruise control.

enter a measure of security and drive current regulations, such as to comply with the circuit Autonomous mode at the wheel of his / her to be his hands. warning way so as to make his / her sounds to alert the finger exit drive.

in addition, the system will only work on the highway and the front and even a safe distance between the brake and the car to keep and to adjust the rate accordingly traffic the need to speed up and slow at the same time should take some jerk in front of you will be able to adjust accordingly.


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