This is the Sickest Looking McLaren Ever Made?

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probably is. But Group GT3 endurance racing series for part-focused entry into the McLaren never make it available for public consumption. GT3 championship engine sizes, configurations and provides a range of chassis sizes to enter the car with virtually no limit.

However, horsepower, weight and engine management are limits. For example, it arranged between 500bhp and 600bhp total horsepower.


these limitations do 2016 season, you enter this highly modified factory spec 650S GT3 one of McLaren Automotive has been postponed .

No fancy dual-clutch transmission, a race-spec wheel mounted paddles with a 6-speed sequential. Do you want a front splitter and rear diffuser with a pre-race spec? In his hand.


What about the 4-way adjustable dampers with coil over spring? Adjustable anti-roll bars? ride height, a double wishbone adjustable for camber and feet? or race-spec 18-inch tires? You have it all.

650S GT3 also comes with a FIA-approved safety cage and air propulsion system.


the weight ratio of the power 1240kg car 483 hp weight / ton, while the 493bhp will offer outputs arranged as FIA 3.8 liter Twin Turbo. Consider for a moment the way it goes handed version of the GT3 race-spec 157bhp more.

However 650S GT3 power-to-weight ratio, it will go like stink. But for us, you can not buy this crazy looking grim and makes models of the GT3-spec 650s body. Liberty Walk out the words.

So you can actually buy it in a very long deep pockets. 2015 GT3 650s and 15 samples has been limited to the cost of £ 330,000. We expect 2016 cost less than the GT3 650s. Still looking monster, if you “McCain is a” modified say there is a factory-spec

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