The world’s first hatchback McLaren supercar, 570GT Reveal

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We’ve added McLaren him another member of the family as there are new 570GT Sport Series range of supercars. 570GT 540C and 570S on the entry-level to sit under. Think of it as a middle-class McLaren supercar.

570GT cut along more luxury and comfort on offer pure driving dynamics completes his so-called family view.

In fact, the front and rear anti-roll bars and tried again based on the 570S McLaren engineers have reduced the spring rates to provide a smoother ride quality.


steering rate setup has been very mild 2 percent reduced sense 570GT-road muscle-bound bruiser will be more cruiser.

you 570S 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo torque (600Nm) and 562bhp, which means you get £ 443 ft unchanged.

570GT so heated seats, cruise control and carries similar performance to that extra weight because the more luxurious effect. But as much as one would think.


570GT 570S 570GT more but still cuts a lean figure is lighter than 37kg to 1350kg supercar.

Performance figures have been rated as a top speed of 214mph. 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds, so take the seven-speed auto. straightline performance differences between the second and 570S most are more than two tenths


But 570GT is all about covering long distances in comfort and luxury. What you are reading this in London means that the distance between the Tesco Express your Mayfair penthouse flat.

But seriously 570GT two boats, the other behind the front, which has a total of 220-liters of luggage space. Enough for a brand new pair of Louboutins.

Despite sitting under 570GT 570S is actually more expensive than £ 154,000 £ 10k. So this is just 570S McLaren GT?

570GT Q3 will enter production in 2016.

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