The first image shows a dramatic concept way ahead of Citroen

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out all month’s Paris Motor Show before the first official before “2016 Citroën CXPERIEN of the concept of” width, Citroën CXPERIEN of concept will try to be just a brand, it wants to be: from fully embodies the brand “different , feelgood “slogan may be the idea. And if we succeed,

This concept, all segments will bring some new things, I wonder. Of course, wait a few new ultra-modern and clean equipment, but what we know so far is that it seems incredible treasure!

immediately recognizable that inspires hi-tech world. We are unique and beautiful lights, wheel design is stunning and made smooth elegant rear design clean sheets and I see a sports car.

 2016 Citroën CXPERIEN of concept

the latest achievements in CXPERIEN of concept shows that Citroën improved comfort program. By supporting the technological development of the brand, model, this program brings fresh style and a number of other additions: incredible interior design, infotainment systems, smart phones and tablets, and many new types of installation.

See also believe that the best is yet to come and the Citroën team at the Paris Motor Show is the most important additions and functions:.?! We were just there with the best Citroen

We did find a structure like this car. At least aspects of their style. I hope that this design additions, innovations and is the only part of the big picture of the system. Paris Map is not so far in time, but we are getting impatient. Say what?

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