The Fancy lights more Limited Audi S-line Edition TT

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2016 Audi Line-limited edition” width=”910″ height=”282 TT S”/> ‘ S tools


exterior design

2016 Audi TT S-line limited edition

right. This time, the Visual character of the car and with one smooth glossy black finish, front, new exterior mirror housings, diffuser frame and a new blade is improved. Also, fixed rear wing, this beautiful and aggressive design

also, the Special a fine-tuned suspension, bringing some additional agility is not only how much but also lowers the vehicle height overall definitely. And to complete the package, beauty and passion, engineers, and added to the spoke design gloss black-the limited five new 19-inch wheels are the stylists. Clean.


there. There are many supplements. The new s sport seats with contoured side bolsters and adjustable lumbar support, starting with strong, flat S-line sport steering wheel, contoured, three and finishing with a great design, The Audi virtual cockpit called spoke. In fact, information and entertainment system

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cabin with an amazing mix between elegance and sporty appearance and we are impressed by. This is adorned with many personalization options. For example, a combination of leather and Alcantara fine Nappa leather seat and armrests can be specified. Sweet. Audi will remain as stated, however, some of these components: teeth matte grey center console and seats-these are chrome plated Aluminum air vents, brushed clip. Good.

drive system

2016 Audi TT S-line limited edition

spoke about more performance. They’re just big. TT S-line 2.0-liter, 230hp (171kW) produced a total of comes with. Auto-speed s-speed manual transmission or an optional six connects with. These two systems, the transmission torque to the front wheels

Audi, a custom model TT S-line competition 2.0 is equipped with a cylinder engine 230 HP. Manual transmission, all-wheel-drive version with a six or S and quattro can be used as pre these these. TT Coupe S line competition 41,940 EUR initial rates. Custom Roadster version of the model costs on top

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