Surprise Reveal Title Lotus Multi Geneva Motorshow

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cooking up a surprise really do not know right now that the Lotus. Usually such an important news event for the Lotus leaks do occur a few weeks ago. We have even scrap of evidence. Lotus is very rare, so this year marks renewed confidence and hope for the future Motorshows joins doing financially stable than.

At the same time HEY “a chance for Lotus to say! Look at me!”.

But what Lotus Geneva taking with them? What we do know is that he himself Lotus CEO Jean Marc Gales production road car company’s “fastest-ever artist” to describe what it was looking for.

The visitors ‘Lotus’ current know will get the chance to see the most rapid, no order, third-Eleven road and amp; 3second 460bhp 0-62mph time and a lower open-top sports car racing.

Moreover, you get the opportunity to see Elise Cup 250 is the fastest street legal expenses under the banner of Lotus.

250 931kg Elise Cup by taking the compressor output is 243bhp in a car in the 21kg weight loses and gains 26hp. Lotus epically we suppose.

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