Subaru XV Concept Geneva with many Heads

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Subaru XV-Geneva-Concept-Front

well now you can know by the Geneva motor show preview us. this is a lot of acting motoring journalists as interested in shows average. in fact, what happened was this so-called auto journalists a pub crawl that ended up going to give away free drinks on the basis of hospitality for manufactures who are just very happy. this is called media buying.

at the end you see the difficulty from one lot to cut auto so show stand else. But you do not go to the actual work really press days and the Subaru XV Concept preping their booth busy respectively.

The Subaru XV Concept car design direction of new generation preview, including an all-new compact crossover XVI.

Subaru XV Concept is the go-anywhere SUV range of All-Wheel Drive Subaru’s new generation ‘DYNAMIC SOLID X’ is a design study that showcases their design philosophy.

 Subaru XV-Geneva-Concept-rear

cabin silhouette tapers and body XV Concept, leaving energy impression without compromising the inherent crossover practicality, back flows gently tightens.

the body surface is divided by two strong character lines – doors throughout and extending the front bumper into the rear shoulder, rising bottom half of the right door into another car on the back.

Ahead concept of the company’s signature hexagonal grille and ‘hawk-eye”s headlights. matt black casing – light effects and abrasions, could shrug in rural or urban environment -. The wheel arches and runs from the front bumper on the side sills and rear into the buffer

rear, the rear combination will rise to meet lamps matt black coated rear bumper on strong shoulders, played by front the same low, wide and extremely stable stance, repercussions. rear lights ‘Hawk-Eye’ headlamps share the same design motif

The new Subaru concept of a special paint, ‘Original Silica Ice’ gave -. created a newly developed blue-gray tones to evoke the appearance of glacial ice. The distinctive orange accent grille, front and rear bumpers, 19-inch aluminum wheels and looks over the roof rails

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