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Subaru VIZIV idea future is a variety of sport utility automobile idea replica, which illustrates the revelation of future improvement of the car. This notion is intended for enjoyable and serenity that Subaru desires to provide its customers. In collaboration with a number of design and style functions that inspire the owner to be active and get out, this vehicle offers a look at the following generation technologies that will additional improve the name of Subaru. These technologies, such as automatic driving technology, due to the continuous evolution of EyeSight, and energy section combining downscaled turbo engine with a hybrid engine. Subaru continued concentrate on supplying vehicles that enhance the lives of consumers, as the starting of an thrilling new chapter. It provides a appear at the prospect that Subaru has in his mind for the brand.

Subaru Viziv Future notion design and style

the design and style idea of the Viziv is the Subaru and active life, delivering a solid dynamics Subaru and strong design and style notion. This design clearly demonstrates the value of pleasure and serenity, along with the creation of the need to go and uncover the world actively.

Idea Exterior

The body of the Subaru Notion car is in a solid form in three dimensions. It was supplied with a clear refined surface stimulate the feeling of higher density and toughness. This style, along with the extended wings properly express the reliability of Subaru four-wheel suggests safety, pleasure and serenity of Subaru. A suitable SUV style is articulated through via solid styles from the grid-shaped hexagon that represents Subaru individuality. It flows to the sides and then up toward the rear pillar, like via the design of active bumpers and extended.

Subaru Concept Future Viziv above

Concept Subaru Viziv Future Idea interior

the interior design of the Concept Subaru Viziv increases calmness and expectation of driving, thanks to the spread of advanced dynamic design and style symmetrically interface in between the center and powerful framework. An active way of life is recommended via the contrast black and beige, and the operation of the colour orange as a combined indoor and outside accent, generating a sporty and pleasant space. A camera to observe the driver is placed on the hood of the instrument panel, which adds to the serenity even though driving.

 Subaru Viziv Future Concept interior

Subaru Viziv Future Notion interior

Engine Specs

the new generation of hybrid engine has been improved in all locations are equipped with the Subaru hybrid version XV. the combination with the rewards of low-level turbo engine until fuel consumption while simultaneously providing downy, linear sensation although accelerating offers driving pleasure.
turbo engine decreased to the scale assumed by Subaru for the initial time in the Levorg was advanced additional and optimized in all aspects, specifically for the following generation of cars. rumors are that it will be 1.six liter flat engine 4. lightweight, compact size and the net thermal efficiency, which is greater than the sector increasing to a level novel the Subaru capability to mix driving pleasure with fuel competence.
the propeller tube was removed concentrically in installing a single motor on the rear axle in a compact style. Besides the AWD capabilities, a smooth floor is recognized for a massive interior space, content material. In addition, it inherits the Subaru AWD functionality perking along above on the handling, thanks to the effect of vectoring to vigorously monitor and driving force feedback sharing. -60 mph is estimated at speed for 7 seconds. with a top speed of 125 mph.



The anticipated cost of the SUV automobile will be $ 40,000

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