Sporty and passionate: 2017 MINI model is emerging.

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Mini John Cooper Works Model 2017the youngest member of the family has revealed mini USA: 2017 new John Cooper Works model. Inspired by the excitement of Motorsport and rally, Darling drive, system enhancements, new graphics, the latest generation turbo engine and sweet offers. So, let’s check it out


the exterior design is completely similar to the concept, supplements is dominated by red and black components: Alcantara, the futuristic center console and a clean environment lightning grace-covered sport seats. Who cares? actually this flash is not required, but hey! The inner bright mini, isn’t it?

see also: the title and the MINI: a very nice combination.

very little rally-inspired details in the eyes. For example, the accelerometer, look: this famous black-and-white flag is displayed, if the driver push the car to its limits and 200km/h to reach speeds in excess of gives. other places in the cabin and in some places the concept of a body of the same flag, some of which can be seen. And damn Super!

drive system


now we’re talking! Into the heart of the beast is a 2.0-liter Turbo Shows MINI ALL4 system specific all-wheel-drive torque system thanks to the 228hp (170kW) and 258lb-ft can produce a total of. In fact, the engine technology of the BMW Group and is reinforced by the architecture. Cool, Isn’t It?


The New Mini John Cooper Works Model will be ready in the month of December of this year. More details have yet to be revealed. In the meantime, stay with us!

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