SPEED-BUSTER team happy Alfa Romeo Giulia takes a keen eye to the car

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 2016 SPEED-BUSTER Alfa Romeo Giulia and 1970 in s. Frankly, we doubt getting popularity of these classic models, but we must wwwit car that looks and behaves pretty well. As it should be every Alfa Romeo car.

The flagship 180hp (134kw) 2.2 JTDM engine and comes with a total generating capacity of 380 Nm. But that’s not all. 224hp (165kW) and 443Nm of torque SPEED-BUSTER Tuning Wizard is possible to increase the total output. Sweet, is not it? = Src = “http://www.automobilesreview.com/uploads/2016/08/2016-SPEED-BUSTER-Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-Back.jpg” There is no full wp-image-alignment Size 116 888 ”


in addition, SPEED-BUSTER Chiptuning-box on board! What makes the increase in power and torque and reducing fuel consumption and the agility of the vehicle in a more sophisticated way to its final use is to increase the power. This Chiptuning-Box uses some super modern microprocessor technology and interesting cable technology and SPEED-BUSTER team all looks like he wants to show the world. As we see it, it shows

Also see value. Adidas Football inspired by Alfa Romeo 4C focusing deadly weird sexy

upgrades, enhancements, and upgrades are always a good thing about the price, but what? Now, chip tuning box costs € 549 and can be purchased at a sweet optional remote Smartphone application for an additional 50 € The engine comes with two year warranty.

 SPEED-BUSTER 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

this is a fair deal in my eyes. What do you think,


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