So far, most awesome Looking Fenye Supersport Super Car Is?

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W-Motors-the-Supersport Fenye-Side-View

yes i have to say and banner headlines double yes. even our cold, cynical steel hearts Motors W from supercar is looking to brave the sight of uncontrolled impulse. So W Motors who? They are the world’s most expensive supercar, around £ 4m GBP new? Lycan Furious 7 featured and Dubai Police Force recently I remember buy one cost Lycan Hypersport created just been made up to seven Lycans now.

Motors W was established in Lebanon but is actually based in Dubai, produces many European car companies were behind the development.

 W-Motors-the-Supersport Fenye-Front

Lebanon FFA private Bank as stumped, because this supercar’s production is based on the cause of the Middle East, $ capital investment 13millio USD .

Before the Coventry University in the UK is a graduate of the famous W Motors Automotive Design Course designed by Ralph Debbas is Fenye like Lycan founder Supersport. It makes proud to be British.

 W-Motors-Fenye Supersport-the-top

and we do not require But they say looks out of this world awesome is Fenye and can be equally formidable bank account. tremendously funds. probably Fenye the Lycan will cost about as much.

Fenye opened at the Dubai Motor Show and will be powered by a Porsche RUF sourced 4.0-liter, twin-turbo 900 hp and 1200 nm (885 lb ft) of torque. Top speed 0 -62mph times the flat-six engine producing graded in terrific shape.

 W-Motors-Fenye Supersport-to-back

the body is made from carbon fiber Fenye work is built around an aluminum chassis. Only 25 GBP Fenye the Supersports will be made no estimate a price tag of around £ 2.5 million so.

Fenye Dubai or what it will be built in Lebanon will be built by migrant workers paid under industrial plants sweating out a non-air-conditioned.

Fenye Supersport W Motors is a fact with European partners, probably Magna Steyr.

will be made by Magna Steyr is as automotive contract as Lycan Mercedes cars built who produces, Audi and producing many other tools

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