Rezvani Supercar X Is the Beast 3D Printed

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we know something … ahem! And we actually want to learn something about this monster called his X-based Rezvani Motors Beast California. Rezvani Motors Beast already do that and now they release their inner Beast X.

With Rezvani Beast 703kg weight carbon-fiber body and a 2.4-liter, supercharged 4-cylinder engine has the ability to produce 500bhp.

The new more powerful ‘2.0’ version of the 700bhp Beast X Two Borg Warner turbo means packages are equipped with modified pistons and valves yet Beast X still 839kg weight.


this means that the Beast X out / perform> best weight ratio of the best supercars thanks to power. Bugatti Veyron? very tame in comparison. McLaren P1? maybe.

The Monster X has rear-wheel drive and F1-inspired suspension mallet. Although sequential automatic also optional, all that power is driven by a six-speed manual gearbox.

The Beast X order has been built and is limited to samples with each costing $ 325,000 USD of 5


the origin Ferris Rezvani Motors was founded by a designer REZVANİ Iran. REZVANİ father Inspired Jet fighter in his youth he saw himself REZVANİ a fighter pilot and was ugly. Iranian fighter jet, probably of Russian stocks. This is another story.

Rezvani Motors as light and uses advanced 3D printing technology to produce vehicle parts as mirrors.

Rezvani Beast and the Beast X actually is based on the Ariel Atom chassis

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