Quite satisfactory conclusion: MEC Design Magic touch with Ferrari!

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 2016 MEC design Ferrari 488 Spider we all love cars and we all love a finely tuned Ferrari Ferrari car, right? And because unconditional love, we will tell you about a special 488 Spider model. So, relax and enjoy, sit down!

As you know, the last Ferrari 488 Spider is one of the proudest moments of his first few years after Agos. But even some people who want and know to push the limits further. Indeed, MEC Design team chose a closer look at the vehicle and at a little pinch.

Berlin studio thing as a stock look more power and visuals has rolled out the technical program and special style just for owners. There are loads of special tweakable features and enhancements, but makes one thing clear design team: to preserve the original as close to the look and performance of the 488 Spider is the nature of change without too much

So what did you do?

 2016 MEC design Ferrari 488 Spider

first of all, there is a three-part” Scossa Rossa “body kit, spoiler lips, several sectional planes of the corners, side skirts, rear diffuser is also thick with diving and protection :. Air intakers body has a matte black grille and other parts off a theme.

This elegant black theme, rear light clusters and leaves her door unlocked press covers France and finally dark tones. At the same time carry matt black sweet five-spoke design with in-house visual style on the ccd5 mecco alloys. , Cool

Also see new owners for the modern classic Ferraris performance and driving system

lowers the overall ride height by Call MEC Design 60mm team sport suspension adds to and improves the grip more of the motor There are significant changes itself, but on the other hand, MEC Design “Apocalypse” has offers special sport exhaust system. Badass.

 2016 MEC design Ferrari 488 spider

internal custom leather and some MEC design dominant specific components: heating panel including doors, the dashboard and center console ~~ POS = TRUNC characteristics that carbon fiber is a carbon fiber interior package. In addition, sweet MEC Design floor mats, and has LED flash set

So, what you think

MEC Design

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