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all-new Mercedes E-Class international motorshow event or custom-made opening, set to occur in January, 2016. introduction keeping and officially revealed to to hold class E automotive news cycle, the Mercedes center, and the current E-class 80-inspired plastic paradise seekers do a lot more S-class looks.

the new E-class more than 1990 W211 foreign and I think that inspired them. Indeed, the new E-Class has a similar sweeping design accents on the center console in the interior, such as W211 is made.


The new new E-Class the new S-Class could run for seemed to go more upscale to a feeling, however, its money.

The new technology is a new midsize luxury sedan market, then just fulfill the Mercedes car dealership online configuration tool may be able to tick all the boxes are full.


the new 2016 E Class analog equipment as standard will be digital means have been replaced by digital display a 8.4-inch center showing graphic analog dial.

side if you go for automatic or manual versions, most houses a 7-inch touch-screen center console of the primary functions will be equipped in two styles.


swipe and while driving without having to reach over to touch user access controls, driver permit have built into the steering wheel so the integrated touch control buttons take place multifunction steering wheel display.

If you like the finest luxury cars, domestic interior lighting to provide mood lighting control experience.

Mercedes-E-Class-Indoor-2016 - Touch Control

A headlight system Other optional lighting multibeam pertained and LED rear lights LED “You’re able to see probably will not show-off fraternal appeal so that the driver in the seat.

Mercedes E-Class is the typical age of about 55 years, Mercedes If you want to reduce that age group by the young market caters to buyers and hopes to include the technology infused with a new generation of luxury appeal

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