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Chysler prepares several innovations for years to come and a single of them certanly the Dodge division. The journey was not often regarded a excellent auto, but fortunately after Fiat bought a large share of Chrysler, the automobile was redesigned in what it is nowadays. Now, this model is a fair price tag crossover SUV with a capacity of seven passengers and their baggage on nearly any terrain.
The original model was launched in 2008 and was updated in 2011, but now it really is time for the second generation model. It was clear that the car acquiring old and it is time for some modifications, so the firm decided to release the 2016 Dodge Journey midsize SUV, probably in early 2016 . the new model will come with a lot of alterations, it will get a new look, some technical improvements and some alterations beneath the hood. As opposed to its predecessor, this new generation of crossover SUV will be primarily based on the broad platform Compact US, sharing many of its components with the 200.
 Dodge Journey 2016 before

2016 Dodge Journey exchange

2016 Dodge Journey and Redesign interior Design

Outdoors smart, the image of the new 2016 Journey is nevertheless cloudy, so we can not say with certainty how the car appears. However, as this auto is made main for the European market place, it will surely be done to meet the needs of drivers in this portion of the planet. One particular can also assume that the exterior design and style will be a mixture of 300 and 200. Because
this car will be primarily based on the new platform, the 2016 Dodge Journey inside shrink, but there will always be adequate space for seven passengers and their luggage. This is manageable through a quantity of enhancements to the interior layout, so that the space will be utilized much more economically. The crucial distinction in between the prior generation and this model is in the design and style, because the 2016 car inspired by the Chrysler 200. The cabin will be reviewed, and now he has a far more sophisticated look and much better supplies.

 New Dodge journey 2016 interior

Specs, mog

the present generation of the trip is powered by two diverse engines, unfortunately, none of them is really fuel efficient. The new Dodge Journey will probably be supplied with two engines. The base model will be powered by a two.4 liter in-line 4 engine with the capacity to produce 173 horsepower and has an typical fuel consumption of 19/26 mpg about. The most strong is a V-six Pentastar three.six-liter engine with 283 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, whilst the typical fuel consumption for the latter is 17/25 mpg.

2016 Dodge Journey-side

Nonetheless, these 2016 engines Dodge will most likely mate with a transmission with four current speeds and the model will come with a drive program front wheels as common, but there is little chance that this model will come with AWD alternative. It is also posibble the new gearbox is in the coming years, so that the second-generation model will probably be offered with manual transmission also.

 2016 Dodge Journey rear

Price tag and release date

It is not positive, but the base of the new price Dodge Journey 2016 need to be someplace about $ 20,000 and it could go up to $ 31,000. The release date need to be at the starting of 2016.

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