Powerful and passionate, ready for some challenges on the way Geiger cars dodge by Vought.

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the best Dodge SRT brand is definitely a flagship model Vought is one of our favorite tools. And, apparently, at the same time, Geiger cars have attracted the attention of the magicians! Us is powerful and easy to an impressive machine.

Dodge Charger SRT Vought especially for those looking for more, and more willing to go to find. Stunning graphics and the great powers the vehicle, it was definitely worth the money!

upgrades (583kW) 782hp incredible 707hp V8 compressor engine upgrade from stock power output on the unit will be big. Enhancements to the engine control valve, free flow stainless steel sports exhaust system with air filter and ECU mapping software. Along with Performance, torque and the engineering team, already produced 923Nm strengthened. Great, isn’t it?

see also: Courage GeigerCars.de the project has a specific stat for speed: The Dark Side of these developments, the Cadillac ATS us-V Coupe

all the shows. The car 0-100km/H 3.6 sec (183mph) 330 km/h.

it looks aggressive and sporty character that contribute to the Vought Yesil and all the special paint color, let us not forget.

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