Porsche Mission E Concept Review, Features

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stylish design of a sports car Porsche has recently displayed can use to conquer the future of the company. Recently launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Porsche Mission E pure battery based car manufacturer will boast 600 hp electric motor. Porsche electric vehicles joined the majority of other automakers increased their focus. This Porsche is considering making a less serious form of competing brands Cup Tesla Motors is the best indicator yet.

Porsche Mission E Concept exterior

The body will be made of lightweight materials which high performance steel, aluminum and will include carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The minimum weight of the materials handling vehicles will increase the power. It was created to provide an overall maximum aerodynamic body.


less wind resistance and better handling cars to ensure the uninterrupted flow of air around the translation front unique entry and exit will be from the back and side. This feature further enhances aerodynamics no mirrors. small cameras placed on the sides instead of mirrors. Other features are a back-swept roofline and low stance. Matrix will have new LED headlamps. .



an electric car or the transmission tunnel it does not have the shaft

Porsche Mission E Concept Interior

, the result is a spacious cabin. Porsche Mission lightweight bucket seats will be EUR 4 passengers. It rises up like an overpass dashboard to the center console between the front seats.


drivers will be treated to a curved tracks they know what items the eye focuses on the driver’s display system, the driver can then select an item by pressing the p button on the steering wheel. Information and entertainment and air conditioning can be controlled by gestures. This technology will greatly improve the human-machine interface. Tools will also be integrated with a small camera with a face recognition feature; Facial image is then displayed on the control panel, you can share your location via integrated social media features.

The other applications will include navigation control with holographic displays will include a selection of tools, climate control and media access.



Porsche Mission E Concept Interior

Power-train, Features and Performance

what excitement from Mission E hood under that. This sport sedan will be 800 volts to power the drive train. Power train car manufacturer claims the system will be available as the best EV surrounded by two electric motor twice as powerful as a powerful battery.

Power Porsche will help distribute power to each wheel will be automatically transferred to all-wheel torque; This way it will maximize its domination. This engine will deliver 582 hp and 124 mph, the car will only take place between 3.5 seconds and an additional 9 seconds 0-60 mph. Mission E Audi’s e-tron concept SUV, as well as the Tesla Model S will have a matching 310 -Milan range.

Porsche is very successful on other models where perhaps charging electric power train. automobile turbo charging system provides an 80% charge in just 15 minutes. This is because it has become possible to use the lighter and smaller copper cable and port to use 800 volt vehicle. Alternatively, batteries can be charged wirelessly using inductive charging.


Price and Release date

There is no information on price and release date for Mission E only as a concept but an exciting preview of what the future can really store. We hope to return EUR Porsche mission become a reality. If it goes into production, it will be a real competitor to deal with Tesla Model S.




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