Porsche Carrera GT Crash Death To Be more angry girl by case

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Paul Walker, Porsche Sued

late Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker, for the Porsche case on the accident 

Carrera GT, was said to hit a street light speed and time consumed by flames.

Meadow Walker took shortcuts on safety grounds Porsche has now instructed its lawyer to a wrongful death lawsuit.

Le lost traction with the official investigation Porsche technicians into the accident by police and fell into a lamp post we saw when Carrera GT 45MPH zone at 94mph at that speed.

Meadow Walker case means a slower pace in the first movement collapsed states. legal documents, as well as Paul Walker’s seat belt breaking his ribs and pelvis, said his body is snapped.

no physical vehicle in the car fled to the Carrera GT Walker trapped effects of these injuries 1m20 seconds after it is consumed by the flames.

Carrera GT lacks “accidents can be avoided or at least could have features, allowing you to stay alive Paul Walker crash” said legal document.

The legal document also claims that Porsche less tensile strength side door re-used applications to use sticks Honda Civic to save weight.

The event of an accident the fuel hose did not have a cut off valve system to prevent fuel spillage. Instead of a tear in the fuel hose of the accident. Rodger Rodas widow in a similar complaint last year

Porsche Carrera GT has denied any defect in manufacturing.

Paul Walker killed when finished filming for the movie Furious 7. . Worldwide, it went around £ 1 billion raking to become a box office success

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