Part GT4 Porsche Cayman ClubSport Oriented Reveal

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It is aimed at the new Porsche Cayman GT4 clubsport and Porsche say it and who want to use for recreation and club races, or either a

Cayman GT4 Clubsport strong up to her completely individual concerned. Porsche GT4 has a specific target market for clubsport and they Los Angeles Motorshow, so I decided to start it. the same 3.8-liter by flat-six engine, 380 bhp unit GT4 way to go I found the version. into the shoe horned six-speed, double-clutch gearbox operated by paddle shifts found changed the going version way clubsport GT4.

the underlying mechanicals, most of such a mechanical rear axle differential lock as GT4 road car is quite similar. Lightweight strut front axle and rear lend isactually 911 GT3 Cup in the 911 GT3 Cup, features advanced lightweight strut suspension with transverse arms.

 GT4-Porsche-clubsport-row Spoiler

clubsport GT4 integrated moving Cage and six points in a bucket seat with a harness. Porsche 70 liters bid despite the 90 liter fuel tank to the car bred a race of jewelry were features as standard and 100 liter option.

brake system and rear four-piston equivalent, 380-millimeter steel brake discs, front housing all round in one piece, six-piston aluminum fixed calipers properties. anti-lock braking system can be adjusted in twelve stages.

Electronic Stability Program it was extended for slicks power steering electro-mechanical while working. There are 18-inch front axle mounted five. rear with 18-inch five-bolt forged wheels with Michelin tires forged wheels -bolt

 Porsche-GT4- clubsport-Alloy Jantlar-

Porsche clubsport be light GT4 think, we still think it is rather lardy 1,300kg for the so-called track-focused sports car. if they

requires focus Candidates owners. a Cayman GT4 ClubSport and being more track-focuse

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