Opel GT concept -small sports car from GM at Geneva Motor Show

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GM seems to be seriously considering launching a modest sports auto. The most current Opel GT idea at the moment on show at the Geneva points to this lead to. Beyond the concept’s show-vehicle paint is a tiny rear-wheel drive sports coupe that has a lot of potential.

The new Opel GT concept is a direct descendant of the original Opel GT that was nicknamed “the child Corvette” way back in the 1960’s and early ‘70s. In the US, the original Opel GT was sold through Buick dealers. GM attempted to revive the nameplate in 2007 by employing a tweaked version of the Saturn Sky roadster but that model stayed briefly until 2010 and was discontinued when GM underwent bankruptcy.



Opel GT Concept Exterior

The front of the notion features a wide grille which is flanked by LED headlights that provide an ultra-modern projection technology as nicely as glare-cost-free high-beam driving. The car also attributes brief overhangs that complement its sharp creases and lengthy bonnet that result in a sleek exterior profile.

The tiny sports automobile rides on bespoke steel front wheels which are wrapped in red tires as a tribute to the Motoclub 500, a motorcycle that was introduced in 1928. The red colour is also featured on the front wings and runs over the cabin towards the rear.

On the sides, the mirrors are replaced with cameras integrated in the front wheel arches. The door handles are also replaced with little touch pads which are integrated into the red stripe. The vehicle also incorporates a quantity of heritage-laced styling cues they contain two round exhaust suggestions derived from the Experimental GT idea of 1965.

To full the appear is a combination of Red, Gray and Black paint job that is confident to turn heads on the streets that is if the model be produced.



Opel GT Idea Interior

Inside, Opel has used a new method which the automaker has christened the “Human Machine Interface” (HMI). The program is button-much less and is operated by means of voice commands and a central touchpad.

The program takes note of the driver’s habits and adapts to them. As time goes by, the method continues adapting to the driver’s demands and becomes smarter. The program is so sophisticated that it can adjust temperature, adjust music and even adjust direction according to the prevailing condition which hints the autonomous direction the automotive sector is taking.

Its instruments are projection surfaces that can even display information in 3D as well as in diverse colors. For example, if the driver is driving below time stress it will show navigation without having numerical values and if it detects spirited cornering it will show G-Force. Its voice commands are so advanced, not only will you situation voice commands, the vehicle can also speak back to you in that it can situation vocal warnings of hazards about you.


Engine Specs and Performance

Under the hood, the concept is powered by a 1. L, turbo 3-cylinder engine which produces 145 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque. This is the identical engine on the Opel Adam mini-auto The power is sent to the rear wheels via a paddle-shift 6-speed automatic transmission.

The idea runs from -60 mph in just under 8 seconds and hits a top speed of 134 mph.  These numbers are courtesy of its sub-2,200 lbs curb weight. Although the figure puts the GT notion in line with other small sports automobiles, it will encounter a large resistance in the market.

The Toyota FR-S and its twin Subaru BRZ are perfect examples. The two identical models have struggled in the industry because several people perceive them as lacking in power output. The GT concept with around 60 hp less power output may even struggle much more than the BRZ and FR-S. Purchasers have failed to acquire onto the Subaru and Toyota’s point of view exactly where the models are developed more for the joy of driving as opposed to their efficiency.


Price tag and release date

It is not clear regardless of whether the Opel GT will make it to production.  Mark Adams, the brains behind the automobile mentioned that they are investigating what they require to do to take the auto into production but a decision has not been made however. The tech’ of the car is in the development stage but they are confident the technologies will quickly uncover its way on production vehicles.

Mark Adams continued to say that they want to offer you a sexy but attainable vehicle just like the original GT. This will give absolutely everyone a possibility to take pleasure in a sports automobile and not just the rich who can afford exotic supercars.


If the auto tends to make it to production, which we genuinely hope it will, it will rival the like of Mazda MX-five Miata and Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

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