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Nissan Titan will make its innovative new levels at the motor show to be held in Detroit through its Notion warrior Titan. A lot of spectators were surprised by the style of the new truck notion and had been envious of the Ford F-Series model. The Ford F Series is the best promoting model in America considering that its inception. With the plan of 4 wheel in thoughts, Nissan has produced the most design components of its F-150 Raptor to the new truck Nissan Titan Warrior Notion .  Nissan Titan truck concept before

Nissan Titan warrior Idea design

for the new Concept warrior Titan, Nissan lifted the truck and about 3 inches wider by six inches versus Titan XD. These dimensional adjustments offer adequate space for installation of twisted tires 37 inch massive high off road for size 18-inch wheels x 9.5 inches with out possessing incising anything on the truck. custom 18-inch wheels sit inside.

notion exterior

Artistically, the Nissan Titan idea truck receives a dose of visual strategy, protective coating strongest innovative, slapped on the outdoors. the effect is further enhanced by the custom projector and a customized grid sets and a protective plate that attaches to the bumper in the front component the truck. The new truck comes with comprehensive changes, so that the roof comes equipped with low profile LED lamps with six lamps on every side, a rear spoiler and redesigned with all glossy black trim.

The rear portion of the new notion truck is equipped with a redesigned tailgate with a black plate garnished, topped with an added wing. Quad exhaust passages are integrated into the rear bumper redesigned.

bogie rear Nissan Titan Concept

Nissan ended the idea truck with a thunderous strategy of the matt layer with black highlights and magma painting screams Truck Award. but most folks believe it would be better suited for local tracks as the desert. since of the potent Cummins diesel engine and suspensions finely tuned, it will be a valuable stump-puller, if something fails.

Concept inside

Nissan has created some minor changes in the new 2016 Nissan Titan idea interior design and style, as well. seats inside the cabin of the new truck notion are produced good quality materials that are covered in textile and leather color black materials with orange accents, three auxiliary gauges mounted on leading of the central part of the dashboard, machined aluminum wheel, rocker switches further and a central console in refrigerated and heated cup holders organization.

width Nissan Titan Warrior Concept Interior 1

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept engine

The Titan truck Idea will be powered by a capacity of 5. liter diesel engine with Cummins V8 configuration. This turbo-diesel engine, which has currently been used to energy the Titan XD, provide the new concept truck power and torque to 310 horsepower and 555 lb per foot necessary respectively. A computerized program of transmission of six price employed in the XD, will be combined with this engine to provide better performance. the new idea truck is equipped with front and interior-bypass return tank coil-over shock absorbers, and the brand new blocks of lifting, anti-roll bars and extensive axles.


This new Titan truck Warrior Idea comes with an aggressive appear, but it is only the tip of the iceberg outstanding things the Nissan fans will attend the intercontinental Salon in North America.

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Photo of a Titan warrior

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