Next Generation Porsche 911 Test Mule Spotted

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911 modern sports car of my grandfather his, stretched resuscitated pulled and throughout the year, a fading Hollywood superstar more facelifts. it is that he never after the first on the market now seemed better than the Porsche 911 of our eyes and 52 years of automotive evolution.

991 current generation Soi 911, we are. 991 perhaps the best handset to date 911. 2011 year in the Porsche it a few months ago gave facelift planned construction of exterior design, I know that the most balanced revision confusing him a little.


very Porsche of their many laurels and was caught in the never-ending time to rest many accolades clear test to see his surprise 2018 911. Photo shows that seem to currently used 911 test mule. Many people have speculated a taste of how it looks on the 2018 model.

However, we suggest that flared wheel arches in the construction of high-performance version of going to print the way I think. Speculation exposed fuel cap is an indication that the new generation 911 models will be added as a hybrid derivative that has been widely unusual.


the classic rear-mounted flat six will protect the core model 911 engine and rear-wheel drive setup. product cycle in the automotive industry typically take approximately 8 years.

Porsche Panamera and Cayenne already offers powertrains SUV hybrids, but they do not offer a fully electric Tesla rival. So the real question

the day may be speculation. the new generation of the 911 will offer a fully electric drivetrain, but the analogue age of the internal combustion engine seems to be slowly horizon is approaching but there is no sun. yet setConcept Artist Jaguar into the open F Type 4-Door Coupe

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