New Volvo V90

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The new Volvo V90 station was unveiled in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the latest release of the top 90 online, getting adjacent to the XC90 SUV and sedan S90.

Volvo V90 State

The new Volvo V90 is a premium feature, and brings a new aesthetic, material and finish.

 Volvo V90 State

The new Volvo V90 is built on the modular scalable architecture architecture (SPA).

Volvo V90 State

This type of platform allows the creation of a range of models based on it.

 Volvo V90 State - indoor

new Volvo V90 brings semi-autonomous driving technology Pilot Assist, more advanced standard safety package in the market with wide detection animals and mitigation highway exits

Volvo V90 State - inside.

On the issue of technology and connectivity, the model inlui integration smartphone with Apple CarPlay

. Volvo V90 State - indoor

Volvo V90 offers new diesel engine, as in the case of petrol model there is the T8 plug-in hybrid that delivers 410 hp and autonomy in electric mode 50 km.

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