New McLaren Honda MP4-31 2016 is officially unveiled

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McLaren reveals MP4-31, your Formula 1 car, driven by Honda engine, which will compete in the 2016 season.

McLaren-Honda MP4-31 2016

After a 2015 difficult, marked by the return of the Honda Formula 1 as an engine supplier to McLaren expect significant improvements for 2016. the car retains the concept of design “size zero” adopted in 2015, but has a new chassis that the team considered “innovative”.

McLaren-Honda MP4-31 2016

However, the forward hopes fall on the Honda engine and specifically the hybrid power unit – it was great ” Achilles heel “of this power unit in 2015. According Yasuhisa Arai, head of Honda Motorsport, changes were made in the compressor and other parts of the engine that is expected to RA616H (motor abbreviation of Honda for 2016) proves more competitive.

McLaren-Honda MP4-31 2016

general appearance of the McLaren MP4-31 shows beauty and attention to detail, with aerodynamic refinement, and the drivers and teams seem motivated.

from tomorrow, with the car in front track to the other, will begin to be clear if u level of competitiveness – that all hope is high, not to waste another year of careers two world campões who are behind the wheel: Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

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