New Golf 2017 revive the sophistication and refinement of G3

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The Volkswagen Gol is one of the flagship models of the national automotive industry, with the market for about 35 years. Early this year reached the line in 2017, with cosmetic changes, mechanical and interior so significant, that can be compared, in terms of impact, this Gol 2017 to Gol G3, the 2000s start.

New Goal G7 2017

Gol G3 is considered by many as the best generation Gol. Aesthetically, it brought to the brand’s access model the visual pattern that was opened in the new generation G4 Passat – more straight and sober lines – marking a break with the rounded aesthetics of Gol G2, which was inspired by the Golf G4 .

New Goal G7 2017
Volkswagen Gol G3: the best longitudinal engine Gol

The Gol G3 was more sporty, with sharper lines, and conveyed a sense of quality ever seen in Gol, especially inside.

New Goal G7 2017
Volkswagen Gol G3: front inspired by the Passat

Volkswagen Gol caprichou in the G3 panel, which is today considered the best hit Gol panel. The inspiration came from the interior of the Golf and Passat. In fact it was not just “inspiration” as the cluster tools – with the magnificent blue indirect hue with red pointers. – Was identical to that used in more sophisticated models

New Goal G7 2017
VW Gol G3 – inspired panel on the Golf IV

the overall design of the panel also echoed the aesthetic inaugurated Golf G4, with flatter lines, a well-defined center console and a cockpit for the driver as well the steering wheel, which also came from upper models. This interior is without a doubt one of the best Goal line -. Perhaps rivaling the last inside the square Goal grandfather, who adopted the Fox panel sold in the US, with commands in satellite

New Goal 2017 – a conceptual revival of Gol G3
And then we come to the beginning of 2016 with the Gol embittering a sales decline – which has the drivers the finish line Gol G4 and the arrival of competent competitors like the Hyundai HB20, Chevrolet Onix, Toyota Etios and Ford Ka.

 New Goal G7 2017
VW Gol 2017: the best motor cross Gol

The Goal faced all these novelties with a restyling made in 2012, already quite dated now. It was clear that the best selling car in Brazil for 27 years needed an overhaul to compete. And the answer is this Goal 2017 , which can now be considered one of the best Goal of all time.

New Goal G7 2 017

Golf IV – Gol G3 / Golf 7 – Goal 2017 The changes are significant, with major improvements in all areas: aesthetics, mechanics, technology and especially inside – that is with superior vehicle face. Similar to that made with the Goal G3, when the VW drew inspiration inside the Golf 4, 2017 Gol has a clearly inspired inside the Golf 7. That is, the Gol G3 is for the Golf IV as well as Goal 2017 is the Golf 7 : the top two generations of the Golf inspire both better Gol.

New Goal G7 2017

In addition to the sophisticated look, the inside of the Goal 2017 also brings a new information system and entertainment the same line adopted in top versions of the range Passat and Golf. Now there are four types of multimedia centers, all with Bluetooth connectivity, but especially the two most sophisticated. – Composition Touch and Discover Media

New Goal G7 2 017

These bring full integration with smartphones, through systems such as the VW App Connect, Android and Apple Auto Car Play. In the case of central-end, the Discover Media , there is also the navigation system integrated GPS, and allows the screen mirroring mobile browsers.

New Goal G7 2017

Also new is support to set and charge the phone that comes standard on Comfortline and Highline versions, and is sold as an accessory to all other settings lower prices.; mechanics more efficient

The best news of this release, however, is that all the improvements in Gol and Voyage 2017 was accompanied by a significant reduction in prices (see details here), leaving them very competitive against the competition.

New Goal G7 2017

Both Gol Voyage as are sold in three trim levels, with prices in the case of Gol, ranging from R $ 34,890 and R $ 55,290. But the Voyage is from R $ 40,990 to R $ 58,590 reais.

New Goal G7 2017

These values ​​are on average 2.5% lower in Gol over the previous generation, and represents a discount of 5.7% in the case of Voyage.

New Goal G7 2017

In mechanics, the major breakthrough came in versions 1.0 – which are the most sold – with the adoption of modern three-cylinder engine, delivering better performance and lower consumption. In higher versions kept the old 1.6 8V of 104 horses, with manual or automatic transmission. The advantage here is that its price is below the equivalent of 1.0 Hyundai and GM.

New Goal G7 2017

Moreover, Gol 2017 won bigger brakes and low rolling resistance tires on all versions, making it safer and more efficient. Conclusion

changes to Brazil’s Volkswagen promoted the Gol and Voyage 2017 left these models with a more sophisticated look, robust and refined, but on the inside that is the biggest surprise, with the adoption of a very beautiful and worthy instrument panel of higher-priced cars.

Added to this adoption central information and the latest entertainment as well as an updated mechanics, and it can be concluded that this Goal 2017 is for the current generation of Gol based on the Polo platform (FP-24) what the G3 accounted for Gol longitudinal engine: the title of “ best of his generation “.

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