New Gol 2017 1.6 lowest price HB20 and Onix 1.0

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The new Gol and Voyage in 2017, as well as mechanical, aesthetic and content changes, now have a new price level with a focus on value for money. In this article we show a comparison of Trendline version 1.0 of the price of both models versus the previous model, and also the Gol Trendline 1.6 versus Hyundai HB20 1.0 and GM Onix 1.4 (see comparative consumption and performance Goal 1.0 2017 x HB20 1.0 x Onix 1.0 clicking here)

New Volkswagen Gol 2017 - price.

New Gol Trendline 2017 – R $ 1,910 cheaper than the previous real new Gol 1.0 Trendline comes standard with power steering, electric front windows and power locks. When equipped with air conditioning, its price goes to R $ 37,690 REAI s.

New Volkswagen Gol 2017 - price

This price is A real discount of R $ 1,910 on the amount requested by Gol Trendline 1.0 of the previous generation, which is equipped with the same items cost R $ 39,600 reais. The New Gol Trendline is also R $ 1,100 less real than the Gol Special 1.0 the previous generation equipped with air conditioning, power steering and windows and power locks.

New Volkswagen Gol 2017 1.0 Interior

It is also important to consider that the New Gol 1.0 Trendline 2017, as well as cheaper, now has an engine with 6 horses more, lower fuel consumption, a renewed interior and revamped exterior design Voyage 1.0 Trendline 2017 -. R $ 3,520 less real than the previous

in the case of Voyage 1.0 Trendline 2017 when equipped with air conditioning, cost R $ 43,790 reais .

New VW Voyage 2017 - price

This value is R $ R $ 3,520 reais more account the Voyage of 1.0 Trendline . previous generation, which, with the same items cost R $ 47,310 real

New Voyage 2017 - Interior

and also in the case of Voyage, the 2017 model won 6 horses, new interior and redesigned external lines

Also new multimedia central. – which are four models available for all versions Goal 1.6 Trendline cheap that Onix LT 1.0 and HB20 1.0 Comfort Plus

Another line new 2017 Gol is the fact that Volkswagen will offer the Goal Trendline with 1.6 engine at a price below Onix and HB20 with 1.0 engine .

 Hyundai HB20 2016 1.0x Goal 2017

New Gol Trendline 1.6 with air conditioning, power locks and windows, runs R $ 42,990 reais.

Hyundai HB20 2016 1.0x Goal 2017

This price Goal 1.6 Trendline is R $ 260 reais more account that R $ 43,250 real Onix LT 1.0, R $ 755 more affordable real that the Hyundai HB20 1.0 Comfort Plus .

 Hyundai HB20 2016 1.0x Goal 2017
Gol Trendline 1.6 is cheaper than the Hyundai HB20 1.0 Comfort Plus

In addition, the Goal 1.6 Trendline 2017 is nothing less than R $ 3,200 less real than the R $ 46,190 Onix LT 1.4 .

Thus, it is observed that the Gol Trendline with 1.6 engine, even being a 8V unit, is very competitive in price, design and equipped respect competitors GM and Hyundai​​ engine 1.0 EA211. – performance data

the new 1.0 engine that equips the Gol and Voyage 2017 is up to 11% more efficient compared the previous model. With this engine 1.0l three-cylinder Total Flex, Novo Gol and Voyage keep New Note A (green label) in the Brazilian Labeling Program of Inmetro

New Goal in 2017

thruster 82 horses with ethanol is able to accelerate the Gol and Voyage from 0 to 100 km / h in just 12.3 seconds (ethanol).

New Goal 2017

As the engine has more torque at low revs, the gear ratios have been lengthened by up to 10%, reducing fuel consumption and providing comfort at cruising speeds

New Goal 2017 - Interior.

Highline version is equipped with the engine 1.6 Total Flex, up to 104 hp (ethanol); Comfortline has powertrains 1.0 and 1.6 options.


The line 2017 of Gol and Voyage brought major mechanical changes, such as new engine 1.0 three-cylinder, a much better inside designed, new technological items.

new Goal 2017

But main novelty is the cost-benefit ratio of the new models – significantly cheaper models that 1.0 competitors, and 1.6 versions with price below the 1.0 GM and Hyundai.

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