New Ford Ka hundreds of cases of overheated engine

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Ford KA SE 1.0 of the long duration of the magazine Quatro Rodas test showed the engine overheating, which required that the car was towed to a dealership of the brand to assess the problem

New Ford Ka - overheating engine.

According to the report of the Quatro Rodas, the Ford KA SE 1.0 was circulating on a flat road at a constant speed of 80 km / h, with the air conditioning on when the air conditioning stopped working and the engine temperature indicator lit. The car was stopped and the driver found that was coming out of the engine compartment water vapor

New Ford Ka - overheating engine.

was triggered, then the service center of Ford, which took the car to an authorized. The engine overheating problem was due to “electric fan failure,” which needs to be changed, as well as hoses and expansion tank, damaged by heating. Ford admits more than 320 cases of Ka 1.0 with motor superheated in dealerships

According to the report of the magazine Quatro Rodas, the Ford Ka had to stand at the dealership – for 18 days, as there were no parts for replacement in stock, as there are other Ka in same dealership with superheated engine problems

New Ford Ka - overheating engine.

Quatro Rodas magazine also said that other Ford dealers are to reports from Ford Ka with overheated engine, and there is a administrative bulletin factory requesting the replacement of the electric fan fuse radiator 30 amperes to 40 amperes

New Ford Ka - overheating engine.

is important to consider also that Ford itself acknowledges that the replacement fuse is no solution to the problem, even because, in the case of the 4-wheel drive, electro-fan will have to be replaced. In addition, Ford itself says that the fuse of 30 amperes is sufficient for the case, which admits more than 320 other Ka in its dealerships with overheated engineSource:. [Quatro Rodas Magazine]

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