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after releasing several teaser shots, Bugatti announced that Gran Turismo 6 Vision GT project contributions. for beginners, Bugatti Vision GT how Bugatti real generation racing may appear in the real world.

the project, designers from the actual car market and engineers budgets, allowing the virtual world automobile development regulations, even the fact that without his limitations. Unlike the large excess to go to rival designer, keep Bugatti has opted currently what things in the natural world is possible.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Exterior

Bugatti Vision GT is immediately recognizable. super car has two overlapping items. The second factor behind the front top of the first element is dark blue light blue front section. This scheme rotates 57 G tank.


on the side windows that make up a large air intake unique Bugatti curve springs. the dark components vented hood it creates into swoops greenhouse ;. However, on the other hand, does not look anything like a conventional hood, extending on both sides and then disappears hand to create the door into the clear blue components of the vehicle on the air intakes. the front fascia two menacing headlights every hosting completed the grille horseshoe stamp of the automobile There are 4 rectangular lights. grill until the huge carbon-fiber for the front splitter assembly F1-style floor. at the same time air drive two extremes there are plates behind the front corners.

located Bugatti into two dive planes Vision ridge GT rear judges LM P1 style, with a large rear wing are fin. rear majority seems clear. It also comes with a large rear diffuser and on the tailpipes 4 centers. To complete the rear view of the Cylons who like LED light strips forming his taillights.


Bugatti Inner Vision GT

Bugatti Vision GT’s interior Bugatti automobiles is widespread high luxurious interior than the racier. he has blue carbon fiber racing buckets. a very front seats multifunctional steering wheel and high-resolution screen.

the exterior curves middle console creates and ceiling of the cabin and interior echoed with springs flowing through an exposed carbon fiber backbone. more details will be announced at a later date.


Motor Features and Performance

during his first producer did not provide any information about their plant. However, what can be our source of Bugatti car power leaked information to us. To complete the massive enough to be a hybrid engine combustion engines with electric motors 3. Number 16 on the grid caused the main engine Veyron’s powerful 8-liter W16 shows four petrol engine that is turbocharged. The vehicle may be all-wheel drive; However, the front wheels eliminates the need to send a pre-combustion power will be powered by electric motors.

The power plant will produce about 1,500 hp and 1,100 lb-ft of torque. This engine it will fly 0-60 mph in only 2 seconds, it is so fast bullets. It will have a speed of about 290 mph.


Price and Release date

the car’s price with the Bugatti badge is always touching the sky, but that’s what one can not even Bugatti eye, will have to wait a year or two, then we need a new Bugatti Chiron expected Veyron in place at least in the near future, sold will be the Bugatti vision GT. vision Gran Turismo received many technical details to the owner.

2015 Frankfurt International auto car will showcase the car during a fair and pearl 17


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