New Aston Martin DB11 Is it this?

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this trickling across the interweb and have been creating alleged new Aston Martin DB11 shots leaked storm. Well, maybe in a backstreet alley in Calcutta a rusty storage unit for at least two panel beater.

As all the images at first quite grainy and incredible leaks. as starting to pour more sightings, but the realization is dawning on the right along the original leaks. Here DCB Towers We are die hard supporters of Aston Martin. And it’s so hard to tell us this spy shot provides no real hope, provide a falsified image of her from a deranged conspiracy theorists hope.

For us, there will always be certain British DB9 V12 supercar great, a glorious sound, great handling and timeless style. Therefore, no matter how good it will be DB11 has a lot to live up to.

The image of the first Dutch automobile website, by Link autoj leaked So interweb. Additional images of the interior appeared. But we are sensitive to the need for the Aston Martin here if DCB Towers. It’s called respect … Ahem!

DB11 officially due out in the next month’s Geneva Motor Show and will lead to a new generation of hi new model launch campaign and will see an old goodbye.

DB11 DB9 aging will be an evolution or just not radical revision in the styling department, also it will be the power plant. We know times.

DB11 V8 and V12 engines comply with the EU In addition to the new generation of electronic components will be supplied by Mercedes Aston Martin knew we herald a new partnership. Mercedes has the engine instead of a rate currently at 5 percent stake in Aston Martin supply agreement.

Aston Martin Mercedes engineering deli, and this time will be given access to personal will not be going to Twin Turbo power.

DB11 Aston Martin will be on an evolution of existing chassis technology infrastructure as the DB9 the customs and launch will already carried out over time has been advanced aluminum rivets and learned principles DB11.

also recommended SUV, DBX generation in 2018 will be the basis for Vantage to be used and can be adapted to a platform to reach up to which 2019 or 2020 DB11 chassis

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