More power and a regular wheel: WIMMER team Porsche Macan Turbo tweaked

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 WIMMER 2016 Porsche Macan Turbo We have told you a lot about Porsche Macan. Thanks to its great features about people, the desire to make it better. And here I had another major project. This time WIMMER team Macan Turbo closer look and decided to see how it can be improved.

As you know, the flagship of the series in Game Macan Turbo model. And the fact that the vehicle is determined to improve WIMMER Rennsporttechik. Results (324kw), 435hp and maximum torque of 640nm increases total output. In addition, car and took a sports exhaust system. Cool. =

 2016 WIMMER Porsche Macan Turbo

in addition, the increase in power Blackbo Match TURBO sweet Shift took a series with Bad Segeberg from Schmidt revolution wheels. The 265 / 35R22 tires, front and rear 295 / 30R22 are wrapped in 22-inch beauties. What is so special that rim

Also see is that they come with polished bottom and will be produced for various concativities various axes. TechArt

Before Porsche GT3 RS road makes it even more attractive

In addition, this means proper 22-inch wheels are very style options: They Hyper Silver, polished bottom, glossy black, glossy black Black has a matt polished rim ring on decorative screws, polished spokes and polished spokes front and matte black matte black decorative screws. Dessert. =

 WIMMER 2016 Porsche Macan Turbo

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