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Clubman, Mini

Mini Clubman-profile

died the previous generation Mini Clubman Clubman live long new sleeker, says no … most practical mini Mini. Mini-door or five-door version to pass the lack of leg room then maybe Clubman might be for you.

Clubman actually a realtor, Mini style and measures 27cm long and 7.3 cm wider five-door hatch.

 Mini Clubman-Front

Clubman’s wheelbase also get a little more space by more than 10cm so really everywhere. And the most important aspect of the boot is very large. Believe us so.

Clubman retains part of that party, divided into two backdoors center. They say it protects go-kart even more important as the Mini Clubman styling driving.

 Mini Clubman-Rear-Front Seats

Indeed Mini new Clubman not shy about offers that boast” no Mini maximize ride refinement ” seen.

So various power 1.5-liter petrol turbocharged, we expect 3.0-cylinder unit. hatch and five-door variants a familiar lineup will include engine series 136bhp starting bands.

Mini Clubman -Back Seats

Mini Cooper D will be powered by the familiar 2.0-liter, 150bhp turbodiesel will produce and sporty 190bhp Cooper SD version.

Of course no mini 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine, producing 192bhp without a place to use the Cooper S has been completed.

 Mini Clubman-tracking

Mini owners know how to feed their cars and spend a fortune optional, which thankfully ste-standard nav> is. So even though 8-speed automatic transmission is optional.

The new Clubman Cooper SD Clubman detective £ 24k entry-level Mini Cooper Clubman and from £ 19k to max out will be available in the UK. Clubman Audi A3, Mercedes A Class will try to get the BMW 1 and 2 Series cousins ​

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