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Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the middle of B a point is not a tool to get someone from a “chill-out zone” mega ceased to future displays cities hectic so the Tokyo Motor Show. self-driving car is a new concept in Tokyo nicknamed Mercedes Vision has since been presented entered, it was built in a shape of a minivan-sized stay connected to ask, and quite drive more social networking youth digital friends in the media.

Mercedes Vision Tokyo

Mercedes Vision Tokyo

Mercedes Vision Tokyo Foreign

Mercedes Vision Tokyo concept car measures 189.1 inches long, 82.7 inches wide and 63.0 inches tall. The concept will be a huge gullwing doors on the left.

The exterior features a monochromatic paint Alubea. The screen is the same color as the body side windows to provide privacy printed inside. Also blue lines and colors to emphasize and ensure at the same time reflecting surface has an electric drive system. Traditional glass a powerboat cockpit resembling a glazed glass panel is replaced by a continuous stretch.

The headlights are placed at an angle on either side of the screen and various functions such as lighting a sound pattern that inner music which displays traditional grid is changed. Falcon doors Tesla Model X’S folding doors to open a move on a traditional look. The concept rides on 26-inch wide wheels. At the rear, the concept of a display screen.


Mercedes Vision future Tokyo Interior

you think the car would prefer a seat behind the wheel instead interact with many people’s cars. this vision as designed to pamper passengers in Tokyo cabin, car drivers is himself. his cabin has a capacity of five passengers.

passengers to access a large gullwing door of the car and no other entry point there concept made with traditional lines off the seat. inside, and a wraparound introduced couch. use wall LED screen to protect their passengers entertained. in addition, Vision in central Tokyo holographic It has an entertainment system. I feel encouraged to take one generation to Z invaders rare occasion, there is an option to deploy a sofa and sliding into a seat, a steering wheel position later.


Drive-train Properties

the need to maintain the target generation environment is extremely conscious. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz fully displays a car powered by clean energy. in this context, Vision Tokyo power train costs an inductive hydrogen fuel cell and combines batteries.

cars 118 miles electricity and 491 over completely so that the combination 609 mile range estimate would offer shafts H2 relying on cells. currently not possible acceleration is just a concept and other engine characteristics such as speed is not available.

Release date

Mercedes vision Tokyo is just a concept, its future and concept of the Mercedes-Benz vision does not imply any upcoming production model. the concept is still far away they are trying to imply that the car of the year.

since such cars may be different in the future foreseen, allowing the development of concepts such as dynamics are constantly changing innovative algorithms.


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