Mercedes GLE coupe touches from CHROMATICS

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 505TEC Chrome sheep a team of professionals who work in the field, Lower Frankonia and Mercedes-Benz specializes in tuning cars. Mercedes GLE coupe crossover and have wwwit includes the team’s last project, the result is amazing!


torque-ft. power 296hp (400 125kw kad32p use) and great 700lb total. This system at the same time, TSE-certification benefits. Other improvements include faster throttle response and a module for an automatic transmission properly in harmony with the pedal box, gearbox,

other devices

. Sounds good, isn’t it?

actually, with an incredible focus on the motor system this project totally caught our eye. High quality gear system sucks the joy that everything is fine.

see also: please meet at the final masterpiece and the card design…;!

actually, when you think about it, there is a lot of added: ultimately, Mercedes-Benz vehicles

like this one.

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